noun hab·i·tat \ ˈha-bə-ˌtat \

a :the place or environment where a plant or animal naturally or normally lives and grows

b :the typical place of residence of a person or a group

A habitat is a place which sustains life, a place where living things live. Including us. The Habitat Foundation is based on an attitude of respect and reverence for nature. Understanding our natural environment and safeguarding life sustaining ecosystems is the basis for living on a planet that we all share.

A habitat provides more than natural resources, air, food and water. Nature provides other essential needs for human wellbeing – it is a place for healing and renewal, and the birthplace of inspiration and innovation. We believe that preserving spaces for people to experience nature is important, and so too is investing in environmental education and public awareness programmes to promote these connections.

Malaysia’s irreplaceable natural heritage is not only an essential part of the identity of the nation and its people, it can be the basis for becoming a global centre for research and learning in ecology, biodiversity, and sustainability. The beauty of our natural areas which draws people from all over the world can be harnessed in ways that improves the lives of local communities. The Habitat Foundation is committed to supporting initiatives that makes these connections by modelling the principles of sustainable tourism and access and benefit sharing.